Chaps Reloaded (The Matrix)

The year was 2000. A group of young amateur filmmakers were spending their free time shooting comedy sketches for their show “Chaps”, which aired on public access in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls. “The Matrix” inspired a few of these parody videos including this one used as the show intro to the final episode (57).

Even though the acting was shoddy at best and wardrobe was non-existent, the editing and comedic timing in many spots still stands strong 15 years later.

Ray Scott Leinenkugel’s Beer Commercial

Ah yes, back when television commercials were simple and straight to the point. It’s Leinenkugel’s Original — the beer that only Chippewa Falls natives can truly appreciate. It’s no Shandy or Oktoberfest, but there’s just something special about it if you’re from Chippewa.

Chaps: On Set and Uncut!

While digging through the vault I found an original Hi-8 analog tape of the Chaps crew filming episode #3. No other unreleased/raw video of these sessions exists but this one, and what a gem it is!

It became clear quickly that this episode was probably the least organized of them all after watching a bit of this tape, but it has provided some of the most ridiculous and random moments to enjoy now!

Starring: Kevin Schmidt, Ryan Peterson, Joshua Kuter, Geoff Pope, Raji Alowairdi, Christopher Kuter.

CALF – Buckingham Round-Robin Tournament

CALF is an original game we created that is a lot like golf, but without the golf course. The game is played in the middle of winter in commercial parking lots. It originally began in the Oakwood Mall parking lot, but the round was cut short when mall security had us removed.

Starring: Daniel Cook, Rani Alowairdi, Christopher Kuter and Raji Alowairdi.