Who actually owned an NEC TurboGrafx 16?

I can absolutely remember seeing commercials for various Bonk video games growing up but I didn’t know a single person that owned a TurboGrafx 16. To this date and even after years of yard sales and collecting vintage games I’ve never seen one in person, nor do I know anyone who has one.

Enjoy this piece of nostalgia I found on a VHS tape.

SNES Famicom Edition

SNES Famicom Edition

This poor, sad old console was in need of a lot of love so I decided to rehab it back to functionality.. and then some.

The color scheme is a tribute to the console that started it all – The Nintendo Family Computer (or Famicom). It’s my own special color scheme to bring back to glory this mighty machine.

I’ve also modded the system to accept Japanese Super Famicom carts (SFC) for a bit more authenticity.

What do you think?