XD #1 – Drew Williams

It’s the inaugural episode of my podcast “Xtreme Dinking with Raji”. My special guest this week is Meteorologist Drew Williams, the friendly Packer-loving Texas gentleman. We had a nice chat about homebrewing beer, Seinfeld and working in the local television business among other things.




Remember that one time Drew Williams met Zach Galifianakis?

Seinfeld: DVD Episode Order vs. Actual Airdate

Point Brewery Bock

Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero

Lost Lake Amber Lager

Chaps: On Set and Uncut!

While digging through the vault I found an original Hi-8 analog tape of the Chaps crew filming episode #3. No other unreleased/raw video of these sessions exists but this one, and what a gem it is!

It became clear quickly that this episode was probably the least organized of them all after watching a bit of this tape, but it has provided some of the most ridiculous and random moments to enjoy now!

Starring: Kevin Schmidt, Ryan Peterson, Joshua Kuter, Geoff Pope, Raji Alowairdi, Christopher Kuter.